41) Petrol-Pump-Pilates

I skimmed through an article yesterday about how we should all incorporate exercise into our everyday lives. I thought to myself “Well this doesn’t really apply to me, I’m pretty active and healthy.”

Then I paused and took a look at myself…I was lying on the couch with a glass of wine in one hand, a large chocolate bar in the other and a half eaten bag of microwave popcorn (with added butter) on the table beside me.
I decided that maybe I should give that article a proper read…
It had all the basics in it like walking instead of driving, taking the stairs instead of the elevator etc etc.
However anyone who follows this blog will know that I don’t do things by halves, once I decide to do a task I go all out. So I decided that for AT LEAST the next 2 days (ie. until I get distracted by a new article/idea) I was going to be super active in my everyday life!
Once I started thinking about ways to be more active the ideas started flowing.
Here is my-do-it-at-home-everyday-exercise plan:
– Waiting-for-my-microwave-popcorn-mountain-climbers
– The-potatoes-are-boiling-push-ups
– Hair-straighteners-heating-up-high-knees
– The-kettle-is-boiling-kettle-bells
– Waiting-for-the-toast-to-toast-russian-twists
– Coffee-pot-crunches
– Pasta-boiling-planks
– The-wine-is-airing-arm-lunges
– I’m-in-a-bad-mood-burpees
– Hot-chocolate-is-heating-hammer-curls
– Running-a-bath-booty-kicks
– The-tea-is-brewing-bicycles
– Waiting-for-food-delivery-man-donkey-kicks
I’ll admit this is the point when they started getting a bit out of hand….
– I-need-to-pee-but-the-bathroom-is-occupied-obliques
– On-hold-to-the-electricity-company-crunches
– I-can’t-sleep-step-ups
– The-hot-water-isn’t-hot-yet-wall-sit
– Leaving-the-ice-cream-out-to-soften-skipping
– The-movie-is-buffering-butt-clenches
– Yogurt-aisle-yoga
– Leaving-the-house-lunges
– I’m-craving-cheese-calf-raises
– Petrol-pump-pilates
*Disclaimer: A lack of dignity and social awareness is a must for many of these exercises

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