25) How To Train Your Human

Last year for Christmas Gerry surprised me with a fat little guinea pig. Regardless of our attempts to civilise her over the last year, here are the life lessons that she has done her best to teach us. 1) The Hoover is the devil himself, hide and growl and he will eventually go away. 2)... Continue Reading →

24) Wisdom Toothless

So I just spent $500 to awkwardly lick a mans fingers for half an hour. ie. I've just been to the dentist. Much like a dog can sense when it is going to be taken to the vet, my wisdom tooth had a sneaking suspicion that I had finally had enough if it's crap. The... Continue Reading →

23) Confessions of a Chocoholic

Me: Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm a chocoholic. Brain: Hi Sarah. Me: I am ready to admit I have a problem. I eat chocolate constantly, morning noon and night. I crave it, I fantasise about it, I need it. Brain: I see. And how do u feel about melted chocolate? Me: Oh I love it...... Continue Reading →

22) Tourist Time

Queenstown u sexy beast u! Ok boys and girls, it's time to learn a little bit about one of my favourite places on earth. It was so nice and sunny yesterday so I decided to go for a long random walk. It was the first time I had done that in ages and it reminded... Continue Reading →

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