46) I lied.

Yup I’m a liar. And let’s be honest: so are you. You know who the biggest liar of all is? Its Instagram. Followed closely, in my humble liar liar pants on fire opinion, by Facebook. So many people lately have been saying things like “oh wow you’re so lucky, ur life looks amazing, I wish... Continue Reading →

42) Tears, weights and airports

Today I dropped my little sister off at the airport after she had come to visit me in NZ for 2 weeks. I absolutely hate goodbyes so decided to be really strict with myself and not get emotional. That lasted all of 3 seconds. After an emotional hug goodbye at the airport door I could... Continue Reading →

38) Helmet hair and buns of steel

Me: "So how soon until I can go running again?" Physiotherapist: "Not for at least a month." Me: "......oh....ok." Physiotherapist: "No seriously, I strongly recommend that you do not run with your knee in this condition." Me: "Gotcha, no running, I understand." Physiotherapist: "Ok good." Uncomfortable pause.... Me: "A light jog perhaps?" Physiotherapist: "PROMISE ME... Continue Reading →

36) Winter (not so) Wonderland

Yesterday morning the residents of Queenstown opened the curtains to discover the town covered in a blanket of snow, snowboarders and skiers delighted, tourists made snowmen and kids threw snowballs.   However for those of us who live in an apartment built for summer with no double glazing on the windows or insulation in the... Continue Reading →

35) Red Bums and Black Eyebrows

I have recently returned from a holiday to Fiji so if you are ever thinking of visiting Fiji then here is my advice to you: 1) Definitely bring lots of Sun cream:    Gerry in the morning: babe I don't think we need to be wearing factor 30 sunscreen, let's just wear factor 15. Gerry... Continue Reading →

32) Sausage Hands And Helicopters

I have travelled, I have lived in crowded hostels and cockroach infested apartments, I have driven the west coast of Australia and lived in a van for 3 weeks. All of these experiences led me to believe that a night of camping would be fantastic fun. Just me and Gerry, camping by the lake, drinking... Continue Reading →

22) Tourist Time

Queenstown u sexy beast u! Ok boys and girls, it's time to learn a little bit about one of my favourite places on earth. It was so nice and sunny yesterday so I decided to go for a long random walk. It was the first time I had done that in ages and it reminded... Continue Reading →

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