1) Stuck In A Rut

There’s an internet radio station that I always listen to on my phone, it’s some American station and there’s always loads of annoying ads every so often but it has good music. There’s one ad in particular that’s always on every time I tune into the station, it’s a man voice and he yells “YOU’RE STUCK IN A RUT AND YOUR LIFE IS SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL!” As I’m usually alone when I’m listening to the radio in the house I usually yell back at him “NO IT’S NOT NOW SHUT UP AND PLAY RIHANNA”. Occasionally I elaborate and explain to him how my life is not in a rut and how I’m about to go and do something exciting, other times I tell him to mind his own business.
So I’m getting ready for work today and as usual the radio man is yelling at me and I’m yelling back at him and I’m in the mood to elaborate today so I begin to tell him what exciting thing I have planned when suddenly I stop mid-yell as I realise that I can’t think of anything. Not only was I doing nothing exciting that day, I realised I hadn’t told him about anything exciting in a while, and then I thought to myself Maybe my life is suck in a rut, maybe I am spiralling out of control, in the most boring way possible though.
I decided to go ahead and blame my friend Joanna for this. I had been reading her blog on her travels in Korea just before my daily yell with the radio man and the whole time I was reading her blog I was thinking how exciting her life sounded. I was thinking to myself how I’d love to be traveling again. Then I realised that I am an idiot and that I am travelling for gods sakes, I’m in bloody New Zealand, I live in the most gorgeous place imaginable and I am sitting on my arse doing sweet F all. It is winter and its absolutely freezing so instead of going out doing fun exciting stuff I can be found most days hibernating under my blanket on the couch cuddling my hot water bottle and pinteresting pictures of sunny beaches. WELL NO MORE!
I thought of the last time I was really and truly not in the least bit bored. Australia. The difference was that when I was in Australia I started to write a book and in order to have stuff to write about I was constantly doing random crazy things. I said yes to every ridiculous opportunity, which lead to me living in a tent with no electricity for a week and driving in a jeep windshield deep through a crocodile infested river to get back onto the road. I went fishing for sharks, I saw wild horses, I swam under waterfalls, I fed kangaroos, I got a tattoo. I flew across the country with a few hours notice to work on a miniature horse farm for a week until I realised that the owner was a psycho and I escaped in the middle of the night. I got offered a normal job in the city but instead I opted for the crazy job out bush where I got chased and almost killed by a herd of buffalo. I drove the coast of australia and lived in a van for 3 weeks. I genuinely did all that stuff so that I would have something interesting to write in my diary at the end of the night. And I always did and I loved every second of it.
Now I can blame it on meeting Gerry and falling in love and settling down but that is really no excuse to be boring. So maybe I won’t be randomly moving to different states or climbing into buffalo enclosures but I’m gonna use this blog as an excuse to do at least one fun, different, non-boring old lady thing every week.
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  1. Amy H says:

    excellent blog and excellent photos!

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