42) Tears, weights and airports

Today I dropped my little sister off at the airport after she had come to visit me in NZ for 2 weeks. I absolutely hate goodbyes so decided to be really strict with myself and not get emotional. That lasted all of 3 seconds. After an emotional hug goodbye at the airport door I could... Continue Reading →

41) Petrol-Pump-Pilates

I skimmed through an article yesterday about how we should all incorporate exercise into our everyday lives. I thought to myself "Well this doesn't really apply to me, I'm pretty active and healthy." Then I paused and took a look at myself...I was lying on the couch with a glass of wine in one hand,... Continue Reading →

1) Stuck In A Rut

There's an internet radio station that I always listen to on my phone, it's some American station and there's always loads of annoying ads every so often but it has good music. There's one ad in particular that's always on every time I tune into the station, it's a man voice and he yells "YOU'RE... Continue Reading →

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