51) Nap time


This is the man I love, from the angle I often see him. He naps after work. I don’t blame him, I’d nap too if I worked as hard as him. I’m biased of course, I’m obsessed with the guy, but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever met a harder worker.

I was both at an advantage and a disadvantage from the very start of my dating life. I had an exemplary example of everything a man should be already in my father and therefore a man that no other man would ever live upto. And they didn’t. Until I met him.

He almost missed our first date because he was taking a nap. I sat in the bar where we had arranged to meet up before dinner, the time ticked by but he didn’t show. I knew from my dad how a man should act so normally I would have left, but something made me stay. He woke up in a panic and called, rushed down to meet me, late and bleary eyed from sleep but he was there. I don’t remember the date too well, I know we had dinner on a pier in Darwin, Australia. I don’t remember the dinner but I remember the nap.

That was nearly 8 years ago.

I married him 3 months ago. The man no one would ever live upto walked me down the aisle to the man who finally did.

We’re lying in our apartment now, in New Zealand. He is napping and I’m thinking about that first nap that almost ended us before we began. The light from the evening sun streams in the window as I close my eyes and I curl up beside him. It’s about time I gave this nap business a try.

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