26) Dear Tiny Dent

Today I was out to lunch when a complete stranger made a really rude comment to me for absolutely no reason, when I made a comment back immediately giving as good as I got, they heard my accent and said “oh you’re Irish, I should have guessed”. The feeling that came over me was one so strong I was completely overwhelmed for a second and didn’t know what to do. I’m 26 years old, living in New Zealand, and that was the first time I had ever been attacked because of where I am from. When someone says something that insults the very core of you, it stings. It’s a feeling of overwhelming patriotism that you feel bubbling up from a place so deep in your soul that you never knew it existed until that second when it was attacked, a surge of sudden strength that gives you the courage to stand up for yourself immediately. I have never spoken back to someone the way that I did today and I am proud that I said my piece and walked away but, hours later, that place deep down inside of me still hurts. My very core has a tiny dent in it, a tiny doubt planted that whispers “did I deserve that? Should I be ashamed of my heritage?”
I know that I did absolutely nothing wrong but that burning feeling inside me won’t go away so I wanted to write this blog to myself in the hope that the tiny dent in my patriotic core will listen and heal itself.


So tiny dent, believe me when I say : I AM DAMN PROUD OF BEING IRISH.



We may be a bunch of drunken idiots from time to time but I love that the Irish are always up for a laugh even in the face of the worst circumstances.




I am proud to be from the same place as U2, Father Ted, Seamus Heaney, Oscar Wilde.
I am proud of my history, of my country, of my heritage and yes, I am damn proud of my accent too. 




So, to the horrible man from lunch today, you can say whatever you want to me because these Irish eyes are just gonna smile, laugh and go get a pint. Alright? Ok shur go on so bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye 🙂






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  1. janeybgood says:

    I’m sorry to hear that happen but I have heard from some of my friends over at that side of the world that there have been a few racially charged comments made now and then.
    I’m glad that you seem to have stood up for yourself and that you also have retained your pride at being from this country.
    I agree with you though; I see myself as being thoroughly Irish. It is who I am and it radiates through every fibre of my being.
    Sometimes I get frustrated with living here: the weather, the corrupt politicians, the small-mindedness of some but I guess you’d have that everywhere really.
    Anyway, chin up and don’t worry about that guy. As my granny used to say: Is minic a bhris béal duine a shrón (or something) 🙂

  2. heffronsarah says:

    Thank you!! Typically now that the moment has passed I have thought of a million other things I could have said! I think I said enough though, any one that thinks that they can judge someone based purely on an accent isn’t worth the time!x

  3. pat flannelly says:

    Well said….I’ll bet the chip on your bigot’s shoulder tasted nothing like a real chip from a real chipper back home !

    1. heffronsarah says:

      Hahaha thanks Pat!!!

  4. Rosanne says:

    Soak up your heritage and I would much rather be able to say all the above about who I am and where I am from that being a twit. All nationalities get it (I am Scottish = tight, alcoholic, hooligan – well I am half English gosh where do I really belong I am doomed) and better to let it all the negativity wash off. Though it does hurt when someone has a go at you.

  5. Westie says:

    So sorry on behalf of my countrymen from a kiwi married to a Dubliner. There are some of us who are lucky enough to have spent loads of time in your beautiful country and see past the stereotypes. I love Ireland and the people and wish I could afford to visit more. My mother-in-law does say bye, bye, bye which I love.

    1. heffronsarah says:

      Aw thank you! I still love New Zealand and all my kiwi friends! I think that’s why I was so shocked, because everyone here is always so nice!

      1. Thai Village says:

        I am married to an Irishman. Irish people are awesom 🙂


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