17) FML

I kept getting a whiff of something that smelled really nice today, I could smell it as I walked to work, I could smell it around certain customers. I could suddenly smell it really strongly off one man, I thought to myself ‘he smells amazing! Slightly feminine but still really good’, but then I walked away from him and I could still smell it. It smelled familiar. I was walking around work smelling various things trying to figure out where the smell was coming from. It took me an hour and a half to realise that I had worn a different moisturiser today. I was smelling my own face. This is the third time it’s happened this week. FML

I had a dream that I got charged $110 for 3 slices of pizza and waitress was really rude to me. I woke up really angry and couldn’t get back to sleep for over an hour. That’s just sad. FML


It’s a huge cliche but I constantly give out to Gerry for not emptying his pockets before he puts his clothes into the laundry. He still doesn’t empty them. I was so busy emptying his pockets that I completely overlooked mine. There was a pen in my pocket from work. I can never give out to him again. FML

The new design on our pillow cases….


In our apartment if u won’t get out of bed u get a guinea pig placed beside ur head, nothing gets u up faster than an over excited guinea pig about to pee on ur pillow.


I’m going on a mini break to Christchurch with Gerry for the weekend, very excited! However, he has managed to crack his front tooth and hasn’t gotten it fixed yet so he has been very careful not to smile with his mouth open so people won’t see it. That means that every photo we take of the two of us is either going to be a very excited me with a mildly pleased looking Gerry or me with a happy hillbilly. FML.


I bought a dress ages ago that I love but I have no shoes to wear with it. I went shopping last night and finally found the perfect pair. Then I woke up and realised it was a dream. Tricked by my own mind. FML.

Lately people have been telling me stories about their kids and every time I nod along completely understanding, however I have to resist the urge to tell them that I totally get what they mean. Apparently people don’t like when I compare their relationship with their kids to my relationship with my guinea pig.


Gerry called me at work to tell that he has the vomiting bug and has been sent home sick from work. I went home on my break to check on him thinking to myself that I’ll have to keep my distance so I don’t catch it. I walked into our bedroom to find him asleep, face down, on my pillow. Fantastic.

Went bowling with Gerry, we played some arcade games afterwards.
You know you are both way too competitive when ur arms are killing u the next day from air hockey.

I wasn’t very good….


Apparently I make a face like the undead when I finally knock down a pin…


I was having a crap day, double shift at work, awful sleep the night before, pounding headache, so I decided to sit for ten mins and cuddle my sweet adorable guinea pig. She bit my face. FML.

Me: Gerry! Gerry! Come here and kiss me on the mouth!
Gerry: Ok, why?
Me: I like this song!
Gerry: FML





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