8) It’s the little things…

Little things I am grateful for:
Wine. My god I love wine. Red wine, white wine, doesn’t matter, if it’s wine I will drink it. Sometimes I actually wish it wouldn’t make me drunk just so that I could drink more of it. If I ever turn into a raging alcoholic it will be because of wine. However I have an annoying habit of keeping my wine bottles, originally I started putting the empty bottle of top of the microwave if I liked the brand so that I would remember to buy it again and now it has escalated to me just putting all the empty bottles up there out of habit and I have no idea why but I have a serious problem with parting with them now. I tried to put them in the bin one day so I took them all down but the microwave looked so lonely and naked that I just put them right back up again. The microwave roof is getting too full tho so I’ve had to start getting creative with my wine bottle hoarding.



Little things I am not grateful for:
My neighbours.
I hate my neighbours. I have no idea why they feel the need to go and stand outside my bedroom window every night at 1am but apparently it is an excellent place to have a long heated discussion for just long enough that I am just about to get up and scream at them when they abruptly decide to continue their chat inside. Every god damn night.

Little things I am grateful for:
Our dish drying rack is horrific, it is so dirty I find myself thinking about it when I lie in bed at night. I keep saying I will clean it but I keep forgetting about it or else it is piled up with dishes and I say I’ll do it when they are dry but once again I forget. After repeatedly mentioning to Gerry how much our dish tray upsets me I came home from a very long day at work to find that he had washed it. Now I smile every time I look at it. That man is a keeper. (That dish tray is not).

Little things I am not grateful for:
The price of hay and red peppers. If you have ever owned a guinea pig u will know that they like to eat a lot of hay. They also like to pee and poop on perfectly good oh-for-gods-sake-now-it’s-no-longer-edible, do-u-realise-u-have-just-pee-peed-on-$10-worth-of-hay hay. I love that guinea pig to death but my god is she an expensive little ball of fluff. When I was on holiday Gerry took all the attention that he usually gives to me and spoilt the guinea pig rotten for the month. 
Let me explain something about Gerry, Gerry is a feeder! 
Me: “Gerry I’m trying to be good and eat healthy so please don’t offer me any of ur sweets and I’m finding it really hard so I’m sorry if I’m in a bad mood.”
Gerry: “Aw babe I hate seeing u sad so I bought u this giant chocolate cake to make u feel better. And there’s some ice cream in the fridge to go with it. And here’s some chocolate sprinkles for on top.”
An hour later and he’s smiling as he is rolling me out the door to the obesity clinic.
That may have been a slight exaggeration but my point is that that man is a feeder!
Anyway when I arrived back in New Zealand I was greeted by a very fat guinea pig who was now apparently too good for affordable carrots, turning her obese little nose up at everything apart for $5 a go red peppers that Gerry had been spoiling her rotten with.


Little things I am grateful for:
Summer is coming! My hot water bottle has officially been put away! Coffee will be replaced with iced coffee! The sun will rise before I have to! Time to tan/burn soon!


Little things I am not grateful for:
There is a kayak in the middle of my living room. Gerry has cleverly tried to hide it behind the couch but I CAN SEE IT GERRY! I hate that kayak!




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