9) Facebook status updates for the next 10 years…

I was having a grown up moment earlier and I started thinking of all the things I want to do in the next ten years so here is the next ten years of my life planned out in Facebook statuses.

New Zealand sponsorship approved! Bring on Christmas in the sun 🙂

Kept up the tradition of the travelling tattoos 🙂 kiwi bird!

Canadian visa applied for, Canada I’m sorry I ever left u, please take me back?

One Irish and one British visa approved for Canada, now all we need is guinea pig approval and wer off to Vancouver!

Parsleys first plane journey!

Remind me to never fly with a guinea pig again…covered in pee

Reunited with Sarah Charest!! Anyone want to go for a drink in Soho?! 😉

Apartment hunting, must have pool, gym and roof garden. Any one know of anywhere??

New apartment all ready at last, just in time for the families to visit! Let the Scottish V Irish drinking begin 🙂

Amazing few weeks with the family, now time to work hard and start saving for grown up stuff!

If anyone needs me I’ll be out driving my new mustang!!!

Still recovering a week later from the visit from Sile Griffin, I have never laughed so hard or drank so much in my life!x

Driving to my last class before I get my business degree! Own business coming soon 🙂

Flew home to surprise mom and dad, the look on their faces was so worth it!! Love ye!!

Time to get to work on my bucket list, hot air ballooning about to be ticked off!

Almost burnt the kitchen down trying to make waffles, enrolling in a cooking course…..

Yes YES yes!! Bawling! We’re Engaged!!!! So happy!!!
(Calm down Gerry, it’s just a blog!)

It’s snowing! Curled up on the couch with egg nog and blankets!

My Christmas present is barking…..is it a puppy??!!??

Hamish the puppy is officially banned from playing with parsley, bad puppy!

Fishing trip for Gerry, bring home some salmon please!

Puppy potty training complete at last, unfortunately it came too late for the carpet…

Promotion for Gerry, so proud of him!!

Holiday time with my sister, hope we don’t get eaten on safari!

Entered a competition to win free wine for life, fingers legs arms and toes crossed!!


Wedding planning today, note to self: find a horrible dress for Amy so she doesn’t do a Pippa Middleton on me!

Scottish castle booked for the wedding, boys get ur kilts ready!

Business loan approved, found the perfect place, now hiring staff 🙂

Taking Hamish house hunting, dog approval is a must for the new place!

Feeling stressed, dog and guinea pig sitter booked for the weekend, road trip to Whistler for a romantic weekend with Gerry 🙂

Saw a moose on the way back from Whistler!! Finally!!

YES! It’s finally been proved that chocolate is good for u! I knew it!!!

Log cabin on the lake rented for the weekend 🙂

Would like to apologise for being so moody lately, don’t no wats going on with me! Feeling very hormonal, must be stress from decorating the new house? 😦

Went to the doctor today, was feeling strange, had to stop on the way home to buy a Baby on Board sticker for the car 🙂 PREGNANT!

Ohmygod Ohmygod Ohmygod!!! Won the lotto, unbelievably convenient timing!!

Having such a good day today, walking the dog along the beach with my husband in the sun, love my life 🙂




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  1. Aine Heffron says:

    I wish all of those for you, sounds amazing, love you xxx, Mum

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