34) Mount Kayak

So we have recently made the decision to stay in New Zealand permanently and become actual grown ups at last! That means it's time to make some changes. One of these changes is our apartment, I no longer view it as a temporary stop over, it's now a more permanent home in my mind so... Continue Reading →

29) Catch up

Random stories over the last few weeks. I was in our bathroom earlier when I noticed a bug crawling along the floor, I quickly scooped him up in a piece of tissue paper and threw him in the toilet. I flushed him down the toilet but when the flushing stopped, all the tissue was gone... Continue Reading →

23) Confessions of a Chocoholic

Me: Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm a chocoholic. Brain: Hi Sarah. Me: I am ready to admit I have a problem. I eat chocolate constantly, morning noon and night. I crave it, I fantasise about it, I need it. Brain: I see. And how do u feel about melted chocolate? Me: Oh I love it...... Continue Reading →

22) Tourist Time

Queenstown u sexy beast u! Ok boys and girls, it's time to learn a little bit about one of my favourite places on earth. It was so nice and sunny yesterday so I decided to go for a long random walk. It was the first time I had done that in ages and it reminded... Continue Reading →

21) Skinny Secrets

The wisdom tooth diet. Step 1 Eat loads of sweets and chocolate over a few days. (It helps if your boyfriend is a feeder and constantly buys you brownies and other treats even tho he knows you are trying to be healthy). Work hard, get the flu and get stressed easily until you are feeling... Continue Reading →

20) Neighbourly Nudity

I'm going to go ahead and admit that sometimes I can be a teensy tiny bit paranoid. Like when I'm walking home alone at night and someone is walking behind me, I just assume they are planning on murdering me, so I phone Gerry and run all the way home. Which is pretty normal....right? Anyway... Continue Reading →

19) Sneaky Summer Flu

Summer is finally in the air! The birds are singing, the flowers are growing, the baby lambs are getting fat and tasty looking! The winter jackets are put away, jumpers discarded, scarves already long forgotten in the back of the wardrobe. Those pasty winter legs are shaved and displayed for all to see! The days... Continue Reading →

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