42) Tears, weights and airports

Today I dropped my little sister off at the airport after she had come to visit me in NZ for 2 weeks. I absolutely hate goodbyes so decided to be really strict with myself and not get emotional. That lasted all of 3 seconds. After an emotional hug goodbye at the airport door I could feel the tears starting.   

I cried as I left the airport. I cried the whole way back to my car. I cried as I paid for my over priced airport parking ticket. I cried as I drove out of the airport. 

I turned on the radio to distract myself from the sadness, of course Adele was singing. I wailed the whole way to the shops. I wept as I browsed the workout equipment (being New Years also I had resolutions to stick to!). I whimpered behind large sunglasses as I paid for my new weights.


I filled the car with tears as I drove home. I cried as I sat in traffic. I wept as I parallel parked. I bawled as soon as my boyfriend opened the door. 

I cried, wept, whimpered and bawled for 6 hours before I managed to pull myself together.
But as horrific as today has been I have learnt a few things from it:

1) I can still drive competently while bawling like a baby.

2) Adele songs should come with a pre warning.

3) Having the people you love around you is the best feeling in the world.

4) 4kg weights are far too heavy for me.

5) When ur feeling down, text ur friends.

6) Waterproof mascara has its limits.

Hug someone you love!!




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