43) Paint and Port-a-loos

Those of you who know me quite well will know that I recently made a huge career change. Basically I got to the point in my job where I could do it with my eyes closed, I was too comfortable, that for me is the kiss of death to any job/activity. I like to be challenged, to be pushed, to be kept on my toes. So I quit my lovely scenic job in tourism and became the only girl painter on an all male building site!
Various reasons why I thought this was an excellent idea at the time:

1) Monday to Friday job, weekends off for the first in my life!

2) I will get super fit while I work

3) Same hours as the boyfriend, lots of couple time

4) No more getting dressed up for work, make up hair etc don’t really matter on a building site

The reality of the situation:

1) The alarm now goes off at 6.10am for work…..it is still dark out….why is the alarm going off…normal brain function does not kick in until at least 8am

2) I am sore in places previously unknown to mankind

3) Oh hello again….

4) is that what I look like without make up? Dear god no one should have to see that

Day 1

Ok so I’m only girl on the building site, the men folk seem unsure how to react to me, I’m feeling like some sort of alien being. One of the builders took one look at me,walked outside and hosed down the port-a-loo, I think in terms of a building site that’s pretty much a welcome party.

Ok time to make friends, builders watch tv right? I got this..hey did anyone see Downton Abbey last night? No……?

Day 2

Awoke to find pain in muscles that didn’t even exist yesterday. I said “bless you” when someone sneezed, huge mistake, I’m quickly learning that niceties are frowned upon and strongly discouraged. Trying to remember to put the toilet seat back up when I’m finished, also it’s becoming clear that the appearance of toilet paper is a luxury and pretty much as rare as water in a desert, have started stashing tissues in my pockets for when nature calls…

Day 3

I’m finally being trusted to touch the paint! Half an hour into the day the boss took one look at me and said that if I’m getting as much paint on the building as I am on myself then I would be doing an excellent job… Have unfortunately realised that I do not have the muscles required to lift the tall ladder that I need to use all day. Spent 25 minutes in the shower after work scrubbing paint off my hands, arms, face, neck and hair….its also inside my right ear…I think I need more practice…

Day 4

My infiltration into the world of men is almost complete, make up has been abandoned completely, my hair is a paint filled birds nest, I’m remembering to put the toilet seat back up when I’m done and I just drag the ladder along the ground instead of asking someone to lift it for me!

Day 5

Finally getting more paint on the walls than my hair, my muscles are slowly adapting, and I’m experiencing my first ever Friday feeling! It is a mixture of my mind thinking “yay I finally get a sleep in” and my body thinking “Keep all the ladders away from me until Monday!”



2 Comments Add yours

  1. May says:

    Kudos! Congratulations on the new job!

  2. Val Spain says:

    I love the humour in your blog, you always make me laugh! Just brilliant! Congrats on the new job & hope you settle in quickly to working on the building site. You’ll be one of the lads in no time!!

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