6) My week in summary

Things I did this week: -Work -Squat -Attempt to cook -Stare at my hair and will it to be brown again -Shop A customer referred to me yesterday as 'the girl with the brown hair'. I could have kissed her. I could have full on snogged her right on the mouth I was so happy.... Continue Reading →

5) Postman Paranoia

When I was at home in Ireland a few weeks ago, I accidentally left my necklace behind while I was rushing out the door to get to the airport. We didn't have time to drive back so I asked my mother to post it over. I didn't mention that it was an expensive necklace that... Continue Reading →

4) Please make it stop…

Day one of the squat challenge got me to 366 squats. As to be expected, my ass was on fire. Now the goal was to get to 470 but in my defence it wasn't for lack of trying. No one tells you this but life gets in the way of squatting. Life doesn't care that... Continue Reading →

3) Why Do I Do These Things To Myself

Right so since I am horrifically sick with this flu it rules out any outdoor activities or anything that involves other humans as I am currently a walking disease. I needed to think of something different that I could do that was preferably in my living room where I could be wearing my pyjamas and... Continue Reading →

2) Oh the mucous…

So I go to sleep and I tell myself that when I wake up in the morning I will decide on my new thing to do for the week and I'll get straight to it. As I've been such a boring old arse hole lately, I'm genuinely excited. Typically I wake up in the morning... Continue Reading →

1) Stuck In A Rut

There's an internet radio station that I always listen to on my phone, it's some American station and there's always loads of annoying ads every so often but it has good music. There's one ad in particular that's always on every time I tune into the station, it's a man voice and he yells "YOU'RE... Continue Reading →

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