40) The inner workings of my mind on a day off…

The inner workings of my mind on a day off……


I would love a coffee right know, hey look a butterfly, ok no it’s coffee time, maybe I’ll buy shoes today, coffee first then shoes, actually no I really don’t need new shoes, where should I get a coffee, oh look a shoe shop, I’ll have a quick look, coffee coffee coffee, screw it I’ll just try on one pair, ok I need these shoes in my life, I really can’t afford this, I work hard I deserve these shoes, I’m getting them, no I’m not, yes I am, I really shouldn’t, ok if I get them I’m not allowed to get a coffee, hi I’ll take these shoes please, I wonder how much of a discount u get if you work here, maybe I should get a job for a week and buy everything and then quit, ok I can’t believe I just bought those, I really can not afford that, oh the guilt, I love my new shoes, so guilty, hmmm I’m still craving coffee, oh for gods sake I’m going to get a coffee, shoes and coffee what a nice day, oh the guilt, I really need to save more, I’m going to wear my new shoes all the time though, ya I’ll wear them constantly, I’m practically making money on them, I don’t need to feel guilty, oh my god that dress is gorgeous, do not go in that shop, I’m getting a coffee, I’m so trying that dress on later, oh look another butterfly, what’s with all the butterflies today, I wish I had my camera with me, I should order low fat milk for my coffee, I don’t like low fat milk, I’ll just get full fat and then I’ll do a sit up later, no I should be good and get low fat, hi can I get a mocha with low fat milk please, oh my god there’s another butterfly, maybe it’s the same one and it’s following me, ok this is definitely not low fat milk, great now I have to go home and do a sit-up later, mmmm a marshmallow, ok that’s 2 sit-ups, oh my god seriously what is with all the butterflies, what’s that rhyme, no that’s about magpies, one for luck two for joy, I wonder if it works for butterflies too, oh my god that girl over there is gorgeous, note to self get long flowing hair, long flowing hair would go so well with these new shoes, my god this coffee is fantastic, I’m gonna go try that dress on, ok coffee is kicking in, oh I feel a bit jittery, IM GONNA TRY ON ALL THE DRESSES!

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