4) Please make it stop…

Day one of the squat challenge got me to 366 squats. As to be expected, my ass was on fire. Now the goal was to get to 470 but in my defence it wasn’t for lack of trying. No one tells you this but life gets in the way of squatting. Life doesn’t care that u still have 104 squats to go. I had to get ready for work, I had to actually go to work, even when I snuck into the back room at work the bell went and I had to run back into the restaurant to serve customers. I was squatting in the bathroom (that sounds weird…), I even did a few squats in the tiny staff wardrobe (that also sounds weird). And yet still I could only manage 366. I am going to have to get creative with my squatting time!

Day two:
I attempted to get out of bed this morning like a normal person. Ended up on the ground. Perhaps 366 squats in one day after 26 years of zero squats was not the best plan. I miss my legs.

Me: Ohmygod my ass is so sore
Gerry: What?! Why?!
Me: Read my blog!
Gerry: I don’t like what this blog is doing to our relationship
Gerry: Sarah?
Me: Sorry did you say something? I was blogging.

In other news someone told me that if if I wash my hair with dish washing up liquid it helps to fade the colour of the hair dye. My hair is still black but I now smell lemony fresh.

Day 3:



I am in so much pain! Why did I think I could do this!
My life is consumed with squatting! All I think about is whether I have enough time to do my squats for the day, and I don’t! I never do! They just keep building up as the days go on, endless squats that seem to multiply in number as the days grow shorter!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ally says:

    Maybe a stupid thought, but why are you actually doing more squats than you are supposed to in one day?

    1. heffronsarah says:

      I had to find something that I could do that didn’t involve going outside coz I was so sick! And I wanted to do something different every week. I really didn’t think it through!!

  2. Amy H says:

    you’re a strange person!

  3. MarieO'C says:

    Hey Sarah, thanks for making me laugh your blogs are truly entertaining, its almost like having a chat with you in real life. I woke up early this morning and started reading them and I was roaring laughing and quite surprised I didnt wake d whole of Raheen. Keep up the good work 😀

    1. heffronsarah says:

      Aw thank you Marie! I’ll def keep them coming, I’m loving finally doing some writing again, it means so much that people are reading and liking it!! Xxxxxxx

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