41) Petrol-Pump-Pilates

I skimmed through an article yesterday about how we should all incorporate exercise into our everyday lives. I thought to myself "Well this doesn't really apply to me, I'm pretty active and healthy." Then I paused and took a look at myself...I was lying on the couch with a glass of wine in one hand,... Continue Reading →

38) Helmet hair and buns of steel

Me: "So how soon until I can go running again?" Physiotherapist: "Not for at least a month." Me: "......oh....ok." Physiotherapist: "No seriously, I strongly recommend that you do not run with your knee in this condition." Me: "Gotcha, no running, I understand." Physiotherapist: "Ok good." Uncomfortable pause.... Me: "A light jog perhaps?" Physiotherapist: "PROMISE ME... Continue Reading →

13) Zombies, Run!

I mentioned my new zombie phone running app briefly in my last blog after I tried it for the first time. It didn't exactly work out as planned so I decided to give it another try over the weekend, the following is my review! This is what the app is advertised as: "Zombies, Run! works... Continue Reading →

7) Worlds Wooliest Sheep Award

Thursday: So I'm sitting on the couch eating cookies for breakfast and wondering why I'm not getting any skinnier. Suddenly Britney's Work Bitch song comes on the radio and gets me in the mood for some exercise so I step away from the double choc chip cookie/breakfast and throw on some workout clothes. Before I... Continue Reading →

6) My week in summary

Things I did this week: -Work -Squat -Attempt to cook -Stare at my hair and will it to be brown again -Shop A customer referred to me yesterday as 'the girl with the brown hair'. I could have kissed her. I could have full on snogged her right on the mouth I was so happy.... Continue Reading →

4) Please make it stop…

Day one of the squat challenge got me to 366 squats. As to be expected, my ass was on fire. Now the goal was to get to 470 but in my defence it wasn't for lack of trying. No one tells you this but life gets in the way of squatting. Life doesn't care that... Continue Reading →

3) Why Do I Do These Things To Myself

Right so since I am horrifically sick with this flu it rules out any outdoor activities or anything that involves other humans as I am currently a walking disease. I needed to think of something different that I could do that was preferably in my living room where I could be wearing my pyjamas and... Continue Reading →

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