3) Why Do I Do These Things To Myself

Right so since I am horrifically sick with this flu it rules out any outdoor activities or anything that involves other humans as I am currently a walking disease. I needed to think of something different that I could do that was preferably in my living room where I could be wearing my pyjamas and have a large box of tissues on hand at all times. I decided to google ideas, but before I got that far I decided to procrastinate on Facebook for a bit first. And that was where I saw it, the squat challenge. Everyone was putting up status’ about it so I looked it up. Basically it starts with you doing 50 squats on the first day and it advances upto doing 250 on the last day. This sounds absolutely horrific as it is, however, I had decided to do something different every week so I got the idea into my head that not only was I going to do the 30 day squat challenge but I was going to do the entire thing in one week. I would pretty much need to be doing 4 days of squats in one day if I wanted to do 30 days in just 7.
And to make matters worse I haven’t done squats in years anyway because I hate them and I also injured my knee a year ago and physically can’t do them anymore! HOWEVER I had got this random completely ridiculous idea into my head and I was running with it (metaphorically of course, my lungs r so filled with mucous I can barely pour my own tea).

Day one
So technically I should be doing 165 squats today (thank god that rest day is in there). Just the thought of this is making my ass cheeks very nervous. Also I can’t do squats with my knee so I’m going to be doing a knee friendly type which is actually going to take me twice as long.
They kinda look like this except a lot less graceful than that girl looks. Hopefully I’ll magically look like her after this week but I’m not getting my hopes up.

I really don’t know why I do these things to myself.
Ok here goes.

After lying on the ground and contemplating changing my mind about this whole thing I have put rolos and Victoria Secret catalogues in front of me for some ass-inspiration.
Ok here goes. Again.

Ok 50 squats in and I may have to rethink the inspiration. I have now eaten all the rolo bar and am online Victoria Secret shopping…

An hour later.
Right so I got as far as 180 and was very happy with myself until I worked out that I need to do 3,295 squats in 7 days which is an average of 470 a day. Crap. I’m going to have a good think about this on the way to the shop to get more rolos.


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