7) Worlds Wooliest Sheep Award

So I’m sitting on the couch eating cookies for breakfast and wondering why I’m not getting any skinnier. Suddenly Britney’s Work Bitch song comes on the radio and gets me in the mood for some exercise so I step away from the double choc chip cookie/breakfast and throw on some workout clothes. Before I went on holidays I went up that hill all the time no bother but I haven’t been working out lately and my god it was just horrific.

I downloaded Britney’s song onto my iPhone and her screaming at me to WORK BITCH defo helped a bit. Miley had a bit to say about a wrecking ball on the way up too. 
So I’m hiking up the hill and there’s not a lot to do when climbing a hill by yourself but to do some thinking. So I’m walking along planning out my entire life in my head, naming the kids, designing the wedding dress, wondering how I can smuggle the guinea pig past security at the airport, picturing those double choc cookies waiting for me on the couch at home, and before I know it I’m at the top. It was a gorgeous day out so I was quite disappointed when it was quite busy up there and I couldn’t sit in the basket.
Anyone that has been to Queenstown hill will know about the basket of dreams at the top. 


It’s basically a big metal spiral basket with amazing views that overlooks the lake and ur meant to sit in it and have a good think about life etc.
There were already 3 people sitting in it having a picnic when I got there so I just took a quick pic and started to continue on the loop to go back down. 
So I’m walking along and I notice I’m being watched from up on the next hill….by a large extremely wooly sheep. He’s literally hiding in a bush on top of a hill watching me. He is the wooliest sheep I have ever seen in my life and I get it into my head that I want to try and pet him. So I climb up onto the hill and try to sneak over a pet, we play a game of who is actually more scared of who for a while (If it came down to it a fight I’m pretty sure that sheep would have won) before my sheep friend ran for the hills where he could live out his days with the title of Worlds Wooliest Sheep.


That time spent chasing that poor sheep worked out in my favour and when he left I made my way back down to the basket which was now empty and I had the whole place to myself 🙂


I’m writing this from the top of queenstown hill while I’m sitting in the basket of dreams lookin down over the lake. I climbed up the hill coz I was stressed and I really needed to clear my head, Britney and Miley yelled in my ears the whole way up about balls and bitches. It was a horrible cloudy cold day when I started out and it’s completely deserted up here. I get to the top and I climb into the basket and I’m tired and sweaty and sore and in a bit of a bad mood and Im sitting here not really thinking about much when all of a sudden on this horrible cold cloudy day, the sun suddenly comes out of no where and starts beating down on me and it hits the water on the lake below and it’s all different amazing shades of blue. It’s so stunning up here and it’s completely silent and I’m thinking wat the hell was I in a bad mood for? 
I swing my legs over the edge and I’m lying back looking at the clouds and the lake and I’m feeling so incredibly blessed and lucky that this is my life.


So I’m sitting here in the basket of dreams looking over my toes at the lake and I’m thinking two things.

1) life is good 
2) If I’m going to wear these short gym leggings I should really shave my legs….



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