31) Listen To Your Imaginary Mother!

As I begin my descent into my late 20’s I find myself full of wisdom that I feel the need to impart onto another generation, unfortunately my guinea pig has no interest so this is my advice to my imaginary future daughter instead (who, no offence, I will hopefully not be having for a very long time yet!)


-Read books, and I mean real books, put down your phone, grab an old copy of wuthering heights and curl up on the couch and read read read.

-Do not look to others for personal approval, you are a perfect version of you.

-Work to live, don’t live to work. When you are at work, work hard, have your own money, always be self suffient.

-Eat chocolate cake, eat the whole damn thing if you want to, including the icing, screw it ESPECIALLY the icing!

-Be responsively impulsive, if you want to do it, do it, but be willing to deal with the consequences.

-Life is short, buy the shoes.

-Sometimes it’s really hard to forgive, do it for your own sake if not for theirs.


-Always pet dogs but beware of strange cats.

-Exercise, moisturise and wear sunscreen.

-Learn to cook at least one good meal.

-Learn to speak a different language.

-Be kind.

-Travel, buy a plane ticket and go, you will be terrified and amazed and excited and immediately changed all at once.

-Be brave, find your voice, stand up for yourself.

-Wear nice smelling moisturiser, it’s cheaper than perfume and it’s good for your skin.

-Run, exercise, be strong. Run and smile and let the world melt away for an hour.

-Spend time sitting by the water.

-Never settle. Never ever ever.


-Failure means that you tried. Well done. Now get back up and try again.

-Take long hot showers. 

-Drink wine.

-Drink wine during long hot showers.

-A hot water bottle will keep u nice and warm and it’s cheaper than turning the heater on.

-You are good enough just the way you are.

-Light candles and drink tea.

-When it’s true love, you will know it and all the doubts will fade away. He will also be your best friend and you will notice yourself falling in love with him over and over and over again. Your very skin will feel like it is on fire when he smiles at you. You deserve nothing less.

-Send random postcards.

-Eat pizza.

-Hold hands.

-If you want to stop yourself from crying, force yourself to smile, it tricks your brain into thinking you are happy.

-Learn how to make banana pancakes.

-Watch a sunrise on a beach and a sunset on a lake.

-Always spend less than you earn.

-Know where the fire exits are.

-Set yourself goals.

-Buy good running shoes and good conditioner.

-Hug people.

-Buy mint shower gel. It’s amazing!

-Know when to walk away and when to run.


-Learn basic self defence.

-Buy a watch and don’t be late.

-Have a party trick.

-Learn to control your temper.

-Drink loads of water.

-Don’t try to change a person, the only person you will end up changing is you.


-Get a pet.

-Know that sometimes it’s ok to be selfish.

-Always have clean nails.

-Take calculated risks.

-Say yes to random opportunities.

-When you are feeling bored and too comfortable, do something that scares you.

-Go outside.

-Go horse riding.

-Get your hair wet when you go swimming, don’t be that girl.

-Say thank you.

-Call your mother.

-Remember things, take photos.

-Read the newspaper, be informed.

-If you are lucky enough to have a sister or brother, love the crap out of them, give them every inch of your heart, they will be the best friend you will ever have.

-If you are going to wear high heels, make sure you can walk in them.

-Listen, pay attention to people, remember people’s names.

-Be a good friend.

-Be patient.

-Try new things; ski, surf, dance. Find your passion.

Above all: Be humble, be kind, be honest. Talk, laugh, listen, write, sing, smile, run. Do all of these things in one day and it will be a good day.


And most importantly, throw away this list and make ur own mistakes, learn your own lessons, live your life any way you damn well please. don’t take the path most followed and don’t take the path least followed, run through the woods like a maniac and make your own path….


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