41) Petrol-Pump-Pilates

I skimmed through an article yesterday about how we should all incorporate exercise into our everyday lives. I thought to myself "Well this doesn't really apply to me, I'm pretty active and healthy." Then I paused and took a look at myself...I was lying on the couch with a glass of wine in one hand,... Continue Reading →

38) Helmet hair and buns of steel

Me: "So how soon until I can go running again?" Physiotherapist: "Not for at least a month." Me: "......oh....ok." Physiotherapist: "No seriously, I strongly recommend that you do not run with your knee in this condition." Me: "Gotcha, no running, I understand." Physiotherapist: "Ok good." Uncomfortable pause.... Me: "A light jog perhaps?" Physiotherapist: "PROMISE ME... Continue Reading →

13) Zombies, Run!

I mentioned my new zombie phone running app briefly in my last blog after I tried it for the first time. It didn't exactly work out as planned so I decided to give it another try over the weekend, the following is my review! This is what the app is advertised as: "Zombies, Run! works... Continue Reading →

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