39) Technophobe…

I have hundreds of postcards, if you come to my house u will see postcards on the walls, on the fridge, inbetween pages of books, I found a postcard in my sock drawer yesterday... After years of collecting postcards I have decided that I really want to start making my own and so Irish Kiwi... Continue Reading →

38) Helmet hair and buns of steel

Me: "So how soon until I can go running again?" Physiotherapist: "Not for at least a month." Me: "......oh....ok." Physiotherapist: "No seriously, I strongly recommend that you do not run with your knee in this condition." Me: "Gotcha, no running, I understand." Physiotherapist: "Ok good." Uncomfortable pause.... Me: "A light jog perhaps?" Physiotherapist: "PROMISE ME... Continue Reading →

31) Listen To Your Imaginary Mother!

As I begin my descent into my late 20's I find myself full of wisdom that I feel the need to impart onto another generation, unfortunately my guinea pig has no interest so this is my advice to my imaginary future daughter instead (who, no offence, I will hopefully not be having for a very... Continue Reading →

29) Catch up

Random stories over the last few weeks. I was in our bathroom earlier when I noticed a bug crawling along the floor, I quickly scooped him up in a piece of tissue paper and threw him in the toilet. I flushed him down the toilet but when the flushing stopped, all the tissue was gone... Continue Reading →

28) Mrs. Father Time

After doing a load of laundry last night I was putting the newly clean bed sheet back on the bed when I noticed that it was very wrinkly. I suddenly thought to myself hmmm maybe I should iron it.... I was so surprised that I had to stop what I was doing immediately and go... Continue Reading →

26) Dear Tiny Dent

Today I was out to lunch when a complete stranger made a really rude comment to me for absolutely no reason, when I made a comment back immediately giving as good as I got, they heard my accent and said "oh you're Irish, I should have guessed". The feeling that came over me was one... Continue Reading →

18) Mini break!

Mini break Bridget Jones style, without a cheating Hugh Grant and comical bunny ears of course. So we dropped the guinea pig off at the babysitters and me and Gerry set off to Christchurch for the weekend. We've been together for over 2 years, lived in Darwin, Melbourne and Queenstown together and yet this was... Continue Reading →

7) Worlds Wooliest Sheep Award

Thursday: So I'm sitting on the couch eating cookies for breakfast and wondering why I'm not getting any skinnier. Suddenly Britney's Work Bitch song comes on the radio and gets me in the mood for some exercise so I step away from the double choc chip cookie/breakfast and throw on some workout clothes. Before I... Continue Reading →

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